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Cyber Monday Deals Week 2021 is here. Retailers have started their Cyber Monday deals already and will continue throughout this week, now that the holiday shopping season is fully underway. This is the last of the big shopping holidays for 2021, so if there are some items you want to save big on, today is the day to do it.

In this post, we’ll be rounding up the very best Cyber Monday deals from many retailers. Including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Kohl’s, and many other retailers. You’ll find everything from smartwatches, to smartphones, Instant Pots, and even some TVs. Along with everything in between. We will be continually updating this post with more deals as they become available and removing deals once they expire and/or go out of stock.

Cyber Monday is officially on November 29, but Cyber Monday does typically start the day after Black Friday. Retailers want you to spend money as early as possible, especially in 2021 with the many shortages we are facing. While the chip shortage is the biggest part of the shortage, we are also seeing shortages of truck drivers, which means that getting stock to these stores has been tougher than ever. So you want to buy early, to make sure your gifts arrive in time for the holidays.

This is definitely not the year to do last-minute holiday shopping. Unless, you don’t care when your gifts arrive, which if they are ones you’ve bought for yourself, it’s probably okay if they come a bit later.

You can find all of the latest Cyber Monday deals for 2021 down below. And you can also check out our gift guides for some ideas of what to pick up this year. We will be updating this post continuously through Cyber Monday. So you can bookmark this page and check it often for the best Cyber Monday Deals today and throughout this week.

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