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Dawnlands is a survival crafting open-world RPG developed by Seasun Games. It’s best described as a Breath of the Wild clone inspired by Minecraft and Genshin Impact. Dawnlands proudly leaves behind the gacha trend, so players can wander the wilderness without constant pressure to open their wallets. Currently, the game has undergone beta testing and is up for pre-registration, and it looks to be shaping up as one of Android’s better games. So it’s as good a time as any to offer a handy beginner’s guide so that everyone’s up to speed with their favorite Android gaming phone in preparation for when Dawnlands drops.


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Getting started in Dawnlands

As the familiar formula naturally dictates, you will choose your own adventure; this means you will create a custom character and select a game mode to dabble in. Below we showcase the more popular options you may come across.

Creating your character

Unlike Breath of the Wild, you won’t start with a default pre-made character; instead, you have limited options to create your own character. For example, you can select presets for facial features, hair/eye color, and skin color. Afterward, you will punch in a name to bring your custom character to life

Dawnlands-character-1 Dawnlands-character-2

Choosing a game mode

Dawnlands includes three game modes; a single-player experience, a sandbox mode, and a multiplayer mode. The modes operate similarly to Minecraft; you create a world connected to a save, so your experiences may vary depending on the selected save/world and game mode.


Your first stop is the single-player experience, learning the basics of crafting, questing, and exploring. After reaching level 8, you can access the sandbox mode (for select areas). Remember to upload world saves to the cloud before playing on other devices.

The essence of crafting in Dawnlands

Crafting involves:

  • Collecting and hoarding materials.
  • Using the right tools to chop down trees.
  • Digging treasure chests.
  • Mining ore.
  • Learning new recipes.

You earn recipes from rousing a Statue, questing, and using crafting points from a list of unlockables. We strongly recommend prioritizing learning how to craft a Private Chest and Storage Box. Unfortunately, inventory space is minimal during the early game, requiring you to make trips to store your item excess frequently.

Dawnlands-crafting-1 Dawnlands-crafting-2

To craft new furniture, you will enter build mode; furnishings must be placed within the grid space. You can rotate and adjust the angle as long as it fits the grid; move your character to match the angle/orientation of your furnishing.

The essence of survival in Dawnlands

Your primary job is to keep your health and hunger in check. Fighting monsters at night can spell trouble. It is similar to Minecraft, so keep a bed with you and sleep the night. To cook food, you need to set up a fire, select the food/recipe and wait for your meal to finish — wait too long, and you will acquire Charcoal instead.

Dawnlands-cooking-1 Dawnlands-cooking-2

How weapon durability plays a role

Weapons have durability, and you will share slots between your crafting tools and weapons. We recommend carrying one melee weapon (sword) and storing a bow (and arrows). Luckily if you’re in a pinch, you can always craft weapons while out in the wild.


Exploring uncharted territory

Early on, you will tame a horse for faster traversal, but you will eventually unlock teleport ways as your primary mode of transportation. Unfortunately, teleporting to quest locations may consume a bottle of Teleportation potion — so be wary.

Improving your combat prowess

Craft higher rarity weapons, practice slaying monsters, and visit a Statue to increase attributes/learn talents; offering Star Dust and Obsidian Dust will increase max health and stamina, improving your survivability in combat.


There’s no need to gamble with Dawnlands

While it is still early days to fully judge monetization practices, it is refreshing to experience an open-world mobile release without the temptation of gacha. As a result, Dawnlands may feel like a Breath of the Wild clone, even more so than Genshin Impact (initially) — but it still has enough under its belt to feel like a unique entry on Android; so if these encountered themes are already music to your ears, grab the pre-registration down below.

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