Discord Begins Rolling Out PlayStation Account Linking

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PlayStation account linking is coming to Discord! That’s right, starting today, you’ll be able to start linking your PlayStation account to your Discord account. Discord announced the news this morning on its official blog.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the Discord voice chat feature that many PlayStation users were probably hoping for. Last year, PlayStation announced a partnership with Discord that many thought would probably lead to the voice chat app being available PS4 and PS5 consoles. Us included.

It’s been a while since that initial partnership reveal. With no new details in between then and now. And this seemed like one of the most logical things to come out of the deal between the two companies. At least in terms of a partnership announcement. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, or perhaps just not for now.

PlayStation account linking will let your Discord friends see what you’re playing

The whole point of this feature rolling out today is so that you can display what you’re playing to your friends on Discord. This is something you can already do with Xbox, YouTube, Steam, Twitch, Reddit, Spotify and more. So it was probably only a matter of time before PlayStation was included.

Once enabled, if you’re playing something on your PS4 or PS5, your Discord friends will see that game activity. One way this could be extremely useful is noticing more easily when friends are playing something that’s cross-platform. Like Destiny 2 for example. Then, you can more easily squad up for some fun.

The feature is only rolling out in the US at first

Before you get too excited, this is initially going to be a US-only feature. Discord confirms that it’s beginning the rollout with US users today and that other countries will follow soon after. It doesn’t mention which countries or when, though.

The feature is also rolling out slowly. So there’s a good chance that not every Discord user in the US will see it today. Discord recommends users check back later if they aren’t able to access the new PlayStation feature.

While this isn’t voice chat, that doesn’t mean that voice chat isn’t coming. Of note, Discord says that it’s excited to continue the partnership with PlayStation and explore how they can collectively great shared experiences for friends and communities.

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