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The first Android 11 developer preview was released for developers on February 19 2020. With it they will be able to test their applications and prepare their software for this new version of the operating system that will slowly and stably reach the rest of the devices all over the planet. In order to become or continue to be the best mobile operating system in the world (this depends on the user you are talking to) it continues to incorporate improvements and changes in its struggle against iOS and the response Huawei may offer due to its problems with the Trump government. When does Android 11 go out? What does it offer? The regular version is expected to be available by June 2020 shortly after the Google I/O celebration where the first beta of this Android will be shown. It has been designed to work on folding devices use 5G and to support Project Mainline the service of system components through Google Play among other things. These are its main features: Changes in permissions background location storage file access and more. Improved privacy by giving greater control over permissions or device location. New features and APIs for 5G sharing connectivity multimedia biometrics and more. Installation must be carried out manually. Only available for Google Pixel phones.

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