‘Echoes of Mana’ From Square Enix Is Shutting Down on


Following its launch in April 2022, Square Enix has announced (Via Gematsu) that Echoes of Mana (Free) for iOS and Android will be shut down in May. This will mean Echoes of Mana is shutting down just over a year since it launched. As of today’s announcement, sale of Spirit Crystals has been stopped. In-game events will be updated leading into the closure of the game on May 15th. The reason being shutting down Echoes of Mana has been explained in the announcement post from the developers.

I won’t say this is unexpected, but I can’t imagine people playing Square Enix’s free to play games on mobile are happy about the situation and will line up to invest into the next one with how many have recently closed. Until service ends on May 15th, you can still download Echoes of Mana on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. It is free to play with the in app purchases now disabled. If you’d prefer a premium experience on mobile instead, you can play Adventures of Mana (remake), Secret of Mana, and the Trials of Mana remake. Have you played the premium Mana releases on iOS or Android and did you end up playing and enjoying Echoes of Mana?

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