Ferrari Roma Coupe (2020


2020 Ferrari Roma

It may be fiddly, but the new infotainment system, display and information is comprehensive, which is a big step up for a brand which only used to care about the powertrain. A tiny little touchpad on the steering wheel lets you flip between radio, media, sat-nav, drive modes and vehicle settings on the large, curved screen behind the steering wheel, and you can swap the displays over or fill the whole screen with the map if you prefer.

A fun option, available on other Ferraris, is an additional screen on the passenger’s side containing much of the same information and immersing them fully in the driving experience by letting them choose the music, watch the speed and more. Perhaps not one for more nervous co-pilots, though. Also on the steering wheel are a tiny wheel toggle for the wipers and that famous F1-inspired manettino switch, which now has the damper button in its centre. This means you can drive in Sport mode but choose the more comfortable setting for a smoother ride, for instance. Also, for the first time, Ferrari has added Race mode to a GT car, which gives you an idea of the character of the Roma. Further options include matching weekend bags, suitcases and a more powerful audio system.

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