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Android is known for having one of the best app stores. There are currently over 2.56 million apps to download from the app store compared to only 1.86 on the Apple store. The Google Play store is the most diverse, easy-to-use, and interactive play store – giving users access to the apps they need in just a click or two of a button. And, the app store is only growing. 

Hundreds of new apps make their way to the Play Store each year – and with the recent overhaul of the Play Store website – something the Apple equivalent doesn’t have – it’s expected there will be many more in 2022. Below, we’ll look at the four of the best and why you should download them.

Coinbase: For Investing

Investing seems to be a big trend at the minute, in particular, investing in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has evolved from an unknown tender to one the likes of Tesla – mainly because Elon Musk somewhat controls the crypto market – and other brands will accept it as a payment method. There are many ways to trade cryptocurrency, but it’s always done through a marketplace.

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that’s arguably one of the most popular. Its features are broad and allow people to trade, store, and collect cryptocurrencies seamlessly from one app. It differs from other exchange platforms because it acts as a wallet and a trading platform.

It’s easy to navigate and use, and as of 2021, a new feature means that traders can stake their crypto to earn a passive income and trade it. Finding the best coins to stake means investors can be part of the authorization process in a proof-of-stake blockchain network. It’s another handy feature that allows traders to do more with their cryptocurrency when using the app. It’s currently the largest crypto exchange platform with over 100 different types of crypto for traders to explore. 

What’s even better, there are additional security features and, in the event of a hack, the cryptocurrency is insured to give users a sense of security.

Nerd Wallet and many other review websites give Coinbase a 5* review.

Blue Apron: For Cooking

If you’re into cooking but struggle to know what to cook – Blue Apron could be the app for you. People living inside the US can enjoy the perks of Blue Apron, a meal kit delivery service that promises to be like no other. It was originally only available on iOS, but recently the app made its way to the Google Play Store, and it’s a hit. 

It’s great for those nights when you’re scratching your head about what to have for dinner and end up ordering takeout, even though you wanted to be healthy. Blue Apron began as a website, so the company is nothing new. Over the years, it has gained a stellar reputation for being one of the best meal-kit delivery services in a world where there are tons of meal-kit delivery services.

Even though it has been around for the longest, Blue Apron is constantly reinventing and creating recipes hoping to improve its app and website. There are niche diet menus, brand collaborations such as the Super Bowl party meal kid, and many more on the app. Users can create their own tailored recipes, change and cancel orders, and schedule specific delivery times to meet their needs.

MyFitnessPal: For Fitness

MyFitnessPal isn’t a new app, but it’s making the list of the four best apps because of how advanced it is compared to other fitness apps. It, by far, has one of the largest food databases, which makes it one of the best calorie counting apps around. It goes above and beyond to help people control their diet, and the features can seem somewhat endless.

Users opting to stick to the free version can still input their weight goals, and the app will generate the required number of daily calories for that goal based on current weight and physical activity. Once generated, people can input their meals by scanning in barcodes of food items and selecting the portion size, inputting new data themselves, or by searching the name of a meal or food. 

There’s also the option to store liquid intake and track fitness and calories burned, which updates the required total calories needed for the day. Paying customers can access features that calculate macros and more.

Adobe Lightroom: For Photo Editing

You will have to pay for Adobe lightroom, but if you do, you’ll discover a new world of photo editing. Adobe Lightroom takes away all of the stress of using a free photo editor that usually comes with spam adverts and bugs. 

It has a clear and easy-to-use interface and has the handy feature of syncing with your cloud storage, so you never lose images, both edited and unedited. The app comes with powerful editing tools that aim to elevate photos – the only limitation is it lacks local printing and tethering support. What it does have, however, is noise-reducing, watermarking, local hue adjustment, collaborative editing, and many more features. 

It’ll be hard to find a better app that amateurs can still use – other apps are far too complex for the average Joe to use.

The Google Play Store is the gift that keeps on giving. New games are more interactive, and with better graphics than they’ve ever been, some of the top-rated apps are the most sophisticated we’ve ever seen. 2022 should bring a bucketload of apps to meet every need.

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