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Xiaomi had plenty to say yesterday. The company announced four smartphones during its launch event, four Redmi 11 handsets. We talked about those devices already, but hardware is not the only thing that was announced. Global MIUI 13 software also got under the spotlight.

Xiaomi has announced global MIUI 13 with new features and optimizations

MIUI 13 is the next version of MIUI that will come to your Xiaomi phone, and the version that comes pre-installed on the Redmi Note 11 series. It’s also software that will come pre-installed on the Xiaomi 12 series smartphones, Xiaomi’s upcoming flagships.

The Xiaomi 12 series already launched in China, by the way, while the global models are coming. That being said, let’s see what’s new in MIUI 13, shall we.

Xiaomi says that it worked on further optimizations to provide an extremely smooth and seamless experience. The company focused on Liquid Storage, Atomized Memory, Focused Algorithms, and Smart Balance.

Liquid Storage is supposed to improve defragmentation efficiency

Liquid Storage, in case you’re wondering, is a technology that reduces fragmentations. Its task is to actively manage your stored data. Xiaomi says that it improves defragmentation efficiency by up to 60-percent.

Atomized Memory refers to RAM handling. Xiaomi introduced new RAM optimizations in MIUI 13. Those optimizations will close inactive background processes more efficiently in order to improve system efficiency altogether, and multitasking as well.

The goal of Smart Balance is to find the balance between performance and power consumption. Xiaomi says that it actually managed to extend overall battery life by up to 10-percent in MIUI 13.

The company also introduced something called the ‘Sidebar’. That feature allows you to access your favorite apps with a simple swipe. It will be a useful tool for multitasking, that’s for sure.

Xiaomi even shared a 90-second recap video of its MIUI 13 launch. That way you can get even more information in only 90 seconds. The video is embedded below, by the way.

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