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Google is always looking for new ways that it can integrate its services to create a cohesive experience. Because of this, the company added a new to search for your Spaces using Gmail. This will make it easier to find and navigate those Spaces.

Google Spaces is a communication hub in Google Chat that allows for group-oriented communication. It has some features that make it similar to platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Slack. It’s a good way to stay in communication with your teammates if you’re working on an important group project.

A Group is like a communication hub where you can chat, but there are some other services implemented. For starters, you’re able to share files with others, so you can bet that it uses Google Drive to make that happen. Also, you can add tasks via Google Tasks to keep everyone on task.

Gmail will let you search for spaces

Google has been updating the Gmail search feature over the past couple of months, and it’s not finished. According to Tech Radar, Google will let you search for Spaces right in the Gmail search box. This is really convenient for people who access their Spaces through Gmail.

When you make a Space, you have to assign a name. So, when you go and search for a Space, all you have to do is search for a word in the Space’s title. There, among the usual results like emails and messages, you’ll see your Space.

When you search your Spaces, you’ll get several types of results. They’ll show you discoverable Spaces that you can join, as well as private Spaces that you’ve been invited to.

How to access your Spaces

If you’re interested in trying out Spaces, they’re pretty easy to get into. Go to the Google Chat app or the desktop website. There, you’ll see a section titled “Spaces”. On the app, you’ll see it at the bottom, and it’ll be on the left side panel on the desktop site. There, you’ll be able to make the Space and add people to it.

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