Google accidentally reveals launch date for Android 11


Google will most likely start rolling out Android 11 on September 8. This was revealed through a YouTube video (now taken down) by Google as part of its “Hey Google” Smart Home Summit.

Google has removed the video but Android Police managed to snag a screenshot confirming the rollout date. The slideshow titled “Checklist for September 8th Android 11 launch” doesn’t need anymore guesses to figure out that the new Android version will indeed rollout on September 8.

Google normally launches its latest iteration of Android in September every year. The first phones to receive the update are the Google Pixels. But the ecosystem has become more open with other OEMs rolling out updates faster now.

Android 11 is currently available in beta and for multiple smartphones. It comes with Messenger-like chat bubbles for different apps which users can drag around the phone. Google has revamped the media player, lockscreen controls making it easier to switch between devices on Android 11. In addition to media controls, Google has also made it easier to control and manage connected devices.

Android 11 comes with privacy features as well. In this Android version, users have the option of granting an app access to their camera, location or microphone just once. The app will require permissions again next time.

The Android 11 public beta is currently available for compatible smartphones. You can sign up for the Android Beta Program here to install Android 11 and experience the new features. Since it’s still in beta, Android 11 will be full of bugs and some features on your phone may not work.


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