Google Brings Beta Android 11 Features To Chromebooks


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Google is bringing Android 11 to Chromebook users, and the update is bringing some big changes when it hits.

Chromebook users will finally get their hands on Android 11 in the near future, but with one caveat: it’s beta-only for now. 9to5Google reports that the update brings two great new features to the fold: dark mode and improved app scaling.

Chrome OS 89 was the first to offer the new Android 11 updates to users, which demonstrated some of the changes to expect from it. One such augment is the way Chrome OS approaches running Android apps. As of Android 11, apps run in a virtual machine for improved security and possible speedier updates for Chrome OS in the future.

Users can also expect improved scaling within apps as well. Using this option will bring forth different font sizes changes as well as augments to Android apps. It’s a great option to have in most situations, especially when fonts could use some enlarging in particular areas.

There’s also an option for a dark mode as well. Enabling it results in a theme that changes with the overall system settings. When turned on, Chrome OS will display most apps, including Google Home and the Play Store, with dark mode support. It still hasn’t reached the level it should be at, which would support all apps in the operating system. Chrome OS has yet to implement dark mode support across the entire ecosystem.

These Android 11 features aren’t widely available for all beta users just yet. Right now, as 9to5Google reports, the update looks localized to Chromebooks using Hatch boards. It will be a bit longer before all users have access to the new features.

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