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Chrome for Android has already implemented the dynamic theming feature, but the desktop application has always been behind for understandable reasons. However, thanks to a new update from Google, it might be able to catch up. The latest version of Chrome for desktop is getting dynamic theming, according to Android Police.

Now, this won’t be as robust as what we see on the Android app. The Google Chrome app for Android is tightly integrated into the Android operating system. So, it’s able to tap into the system’s color scheme. However, the desktop application cannot access your Windows or Mac wallpaper. However, Google was able to find a way to work around this.

Google Chrome for desktop games dynamic theming

Instead of trying to use your system’s wallpaper, Chrome for desktop will use the color scheme you have set for the browser itself. With this feature enabled, you will see a noticeable difference when you open up the overflow menu. The color of the text will reflect that of your color scheme.

So, if you have a blue color scheme, the text will have a slightly blue color to it. If you have a red color, then the text will have a slight red hue to it. However, Google made sure that, despite the color, it is always visible against the background.


There are a few things you need to know about this update. Firstly, this is only available in the latest version of Google Chrome Canary. Chrome Canary is the version of Chrome where Google tries out experimental new features. So, it’s not the most stable version of Chrome. However, you can download it here.


If you want to enable it, you will have to enable this flag: chrome://flags/#chrome-refresh-2023

Next, this feature only seems to work if you have dark mode enabled in Chrome. We’re not sure if Google will make this available for light mode. Only time will tell what the company plans on doing with this change, however, it’s still interesting to see that the company is trying to add dynamic theming to Chrome.

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