Google makes Magic Eraser available for non-Pixel phones, including iPhones


Last week, Google announced that its Pixel-exclusive Magic Eraser feature is coming to non-Pixel Android phones, and also iPhones. Well, that just happened, the feature is available to use.

Google makes Magic Eraser available to iPhones and non-Pixel users in general

There is a caveat, though, you need to be a Google One subscriber in order to use it. Google added this feature in the latest drop of features for Google One users.

This feature was exclusive to Pixel users who owned Google Tensor-powered Pixel phones. Well, that’s no longer the case. It’s now free for users who own Pixels (even non-Tensor ones), but everyone else has to pay for Google One.


The feature is rolling out, but it may not be available yet. You can easily check that, however. Go to your Google Photos library, tap edit on a random photo, and check whether the feature is available in the ‘Tools’ menu.

You should see a feature called ‘Magic Eraser’ there. For non-Pixel users, it’ll have a Google One logo next to it, which means you need Google One in order to use it. Do note that this is a server-side update though, so you can’t force it by updating the app manually.

You’ll need to pay at least $1.99 a month if you don’t own a Pixel phone

There are various Google One subscription plans that you can access. For example, in the US, $1.99 a month will get you 100GB of storage. 200GB will cost you $2.99 a month, 2TB $9.99 a month, and so on.


The lowest tier price is more than enough to unlock Magic Eraser for you. All you need is a Google One subscription, it doesn’t matter which tier you pick.

It’s understandable if you’re unwilling to pay $1.99 a month to get Magic Eraser alone, though. If you don’t need more storage, or access to other Google One services that Google offers, it may not be worth it to some of you.

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