Google Messages Beta Supports Android 11 Smooth Keyboard Animation


New reports highlight that Google Messages beta now supports the Android 11 super smooth keyboard animation. The animation was spotted on Google Messages beta app version 7.0.037.

Time and time again, we have said that Android OS has reached a certain level of maturity. This is the reason we call it a mature operating system.

Moreover, with Android 11, Google did not bring truckloads of new features to the table. No, we are not denying that there aren’t any new features at all.

Basically, Android 11 tries to touch and improve certain features of the Android OS that were already present. It presents and improves them in a much better and modern way.

Talking about new features, Google introduced a new super smooth keyboard animation with Android 11 OS. And that is now supported in the Google Messages beta app.

Folks at 9to5Google reported that they are not very confident about when this feature first rolled out. It could be that all the latest versions of the Google Messages app including the latest beta v7.0.037.

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In fact, the Android 11 super smooth animation was evident in Google Messages app version 6.9 as well. This means that prior to this, the new animation was not supported.

The new smooth keyboard animation shows up every time you open the keyboard

There is nothing that you need to do. Once you have installed the version that supports Android 11, the animation will show every time you open the keyboard.

Especially, in the Google Messages app, the animations look dope and super smooth. To recall, this new animation was announced back with Android 11 Developer Preview 2.

The API stated to bring “much easier to create natural, intuitive, and jank-free” animations and transitions for the keyboard. The difference is quite evident from the images attached below.

You get much smoother animations when you open the keyboard on the Android 11 supported app. The transition is super smooth and gives the overall UI, a polished look.

Good thing is that several users on Reddit have also confirmed the support of Android 11 animations on the Google Messages app. Users are starting to see this animation on different third-party apps like WeChat and also on One UI 3.0 beta.

The latest version of Google Pay (Tez) also supports this feature. So, it is nice to see more apps adopting these Android 11 keyboard animations.

So, if you want to see the polished Android 11 keyboard animations on your device, there are some things to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to have Android 11 OS installed on your device. And secondly, you need to update the Google Messages beta app to the latest version.

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