Google Pixel Android 11 bugs fixed in November 2020 update


JC Torres – Nov 2, 2020, 6:35pm CST

It has already been a few months since Google finally make Android 11 available to all but, to date, very few smartphones actually have it already. Of course, Google’s own Pixel phones are the lone exception but, sometimes, being first does have its drawbacks. You often also get hit with bugs before everyone else, presuming some Android 11 bugs might actually affect other non-Pixel phones. Fortunately, Google was also quick to the rescue, rolling out the November 2020 Pixel Security Update with much-needed fixes introduced in the latest Android version.

Bugs are not unusual in software, even those developed by giant companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Android 11 bugs are also somewhat expected since the latest Android iteration is barely two months old at this point.

Bugs also vary in severity but one that has gained much attention affects Do Not Disturb functionality on Pixel phones running Android 11. According to reports, DND, as it is commonly abbreviated, wouldn’t let calls from starred contacts through, resulting in at least one instance where an elderly mother couldn’t contact her child after an accident.

This month’s security and bugfix update, fortunately, addresses that for the Pixel 3 and later phones. Of course, that’s hardly the only bug worth noting. It also fixes a bug that fully blocked phone calls in Android Auto mode on the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. And for those experiencing issues with touch sounds on those two phones as well, that problem is also reportedly fixed in this update.

The OTA update will roll out in phases, as always, and covers all supported Pixel phones running Android 11. Even the Pixel 3/XL and 3a/XL are getting special attention beyond general fixes. The four phones will be getting improved screenshot access when using 2-button navigation instead of the default full-screen gestures.

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