Google Pixel Review: An Android For Normals


“The best Android smartphone” is a tough thing to pin down. For years it’s been split between the Nexus line of stock software and fast updates, and the feature-loaded superphone family from third-party manufacturers. But what if you could combine the best of each world into something that straddled the divide? You’d have an all-new “Google phone” – and in some ways (but not all), the best Android phone ever. This is MrMobile’s Google Pixel review.



MrMobile’s Google Pixel Review was published after two weeks with a Pixel XL review unit and two retail Pixel handsets (one standard, one Pixel XL) purchased from the Google Store. The devices were tested on T-Mobile US in Greater Boston and New York City, and on Project Fi in Shanghai, China. The devices were paired with a Moto 360 v2 for the duration of testing.


Google Pixel

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Google Pixel Review at Android Central:


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