Google Pixel Watch gains potentially lifesaving fall detection


The Google Pixel Watch now supports fall detection to call for help if needed.

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Google has announced that it has started to roll out a new fall detection feature to Pixel Watch owners. The feature will detect if someone takes a tumble and then take action if needed.

Google says that the feature uses the watch’s built-in sensors to detect if someone takes a hard fall. It can then automatically call emergency services if the wearer doesn’t move or respond within a set timeframe – around 90 seconds, the company says.


A Google blog post says that the Pixel Watch will vibrate and sound an alarm 30 seconds after it detects a fall. The wearer will have to tap an on-screen button to confirm that they are OK, or tap another to be connected to emergency services immediately.

If neither of those things happens for a full minute an emergency call will be placed using an automated message.

Google says that it’s been careful to ensure that the Pixel Watch doesn’t mistake activities for falls, saying that it has tweaked the sensors and associated algorithms to ensure the watch can tell when someone has fallen or is simply in the middle of particularly energetic exercises.

For the emergency call to be placed, the wearer must either have their connected phone nearby or have a cellular Pixel Watch, Google points out.

The Pixel Watch has other safety features that include the Emergency SOS offering that can alert emergency responders or trusted contacts should the need arise.

All of this of course follows years of Apple Watches helping to save lives after people fell over. Those falls can be hugely problematic depending on where the person is, how old they are, and whether they have specific medical conditions.

Google says that the new Fall Detection feature is rolling out right now, so keep your eyes posted for its arrival on your own Pixel Watch. The feature can be enabled and disabled as needed, but we’d definitely suggest enabling it when it’s available.

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