GPD XD Plus / XD+ Review


Buy it at AliExpress – (affiliate link) – GPD sent me the next iteration of their popular GPD XD called XD Plus. This new version is slightly faster, supports more wireless networks (great for PC game streaming) and adds more RAM and bluetooth support. See the original review: and subscribe!

0:00 – Intro
01:40 – Hardware Specs / Improvements over original GPD XD
03:10 – Weight
03:14 – Battery Life
04:09 – Game controller
05:06 – Display
05:35 – Ports
06:37 – PPSSPP Emulation / HDMI Output
07:19 – PPSSPP : God of War
07:50 – Dolphin Emulator Performance: Burnout 2
08:28 – Dolphin Emulator Performance: Wave Race
09:09 – Moonlight PC game streaming h.265
10:32 – 3DMark Icestorm Extreme Benchmark
11:09 – 3DMark Slingshot Benchmark test
12:08 – Input lag

I was hoping it would do better with the Dolphin emulator and other high end emulation. But the real performance boost on this one vs. the original is with its graphics support with the CPU performing about the same. But it can run things the other one could not because it is 64 bit compatible. It’s running Android 7.

I was very pleased with the PC game streaming experience running Moonlight. Really nice, minimal lag, and h.265 support along with a better performing wireless AC radio.

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