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Green Glass is a 3D adventure where you control a warrior who has to accompany a woman throughout a long journey. Along the way, you’ll come across tons of obstacles, including powerful enemies that will try to put an untimely end to your adventure.

The controls in Green Glass are intuitive and perfectly designed for touchscreens. You just have to slide your left thumb around the screen to move your character, and use your right thumb to tap contextual action buttons that appear on the screen. These buttons will change according to the situation. In some cases, the buttons will let you ride a horse, while at other times, you can use them to attack or even make tea.

The path you take in Green Glass is long and varied. In the beginning, you’ll start out in a beautiful meadow with your horse, but as you advance, you’ll be able to cross rivers, pass through forests, cross deserts, and more. The settings in the game are stunning and all different, making the game reminiscent of the awesome game, Journey.

Green Glass is an introspective, unhurried, and gorgeous adventure that lets you travel through a magical world on foot, horseback, and by boat. Throughout your journey, you’ll be able to fight against certain enemies but the fighting aspect is definitely not the most important part of this excellent interactive experience.

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