Halo View Is Part Of Amazon’s New Fitness Ecosystem


Amazon has announced a handful of new products today, including the Halo View, its second fitness tracker. Built on the popularity of the first Halo Band, and likely while taking feedback from users, Amazon has changed things up a little bit.

For instance, the new Halo View comes with a display for viewing and managing health metrics. The original Halo tracker didn’t have a display at all. So all interaction was either handled by voice, or details had to be viewed through the companion app on a connected smartphone.

You will still likely have to use the app for some stuff. But now with the display, the Halo View enables some on-wrist visibility. The display is also full color and AMOLED, which should make things easier to see outside and in brighter conditions. Halo View retails for $80 and ships in time for the holidays. It comes in three different colors – Active Black, Sage Green, and Lavender Dream.

Halo View isn’t the only new Halo-focused product today though. It’s actually part of a new Halo fitness ecosystem that Amazon has created.

Amazon Halo View is part of a new fitness ecosystem

In addition to the Halo View, Amazon has also announced Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition. Together, Amazon is hoping for a trifecta of a fitness ecosystem. The Halo View tracker allows you to track health metrics and view them on your wrist. Meanwhile Halo Fitness is a service that Amazon will offer.

It features a collection of curated and coached workout and exercise classes. At launch, Halo Fitness will offer classes for Yoga, Outdoor, Mobility, Cardio, and Strength. With more on the way in the future post-launch. You’ll need to subscribe to the Halo Membership to gain full access to Halo Fitness. But if you buy a Halo View it comes with one year of free access. There’s also a collection of “select classes” that are available to those without the membership.

Halo Nutrition, is Amazon’s new set of tools to help people eat healthier. It includes healthy recipes, assistance in creating week-long meal plans, and it even lets users enter in specific information like food allergies and/or food and diet preferences. Halo Fitness launches later this year, while Halo Nutrition launches in January of 2022.

Amazon Halo View

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