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by Rowena Cletus | Posted on September 11, 2020

Android 11, may not be the grand-spanking new OS we’ve all been waiting for, but it’s an improvement over the 10. Its ‘under the hood’ changes are subtle at best, but they do improve the experience, somewhat. Earlier in the week, we covered 11 of the most important features of the new update, its available here. But there several other new functions that will help Pixel users make the most of the experience.

Here’s what Pixel owners can expect with Android 11:

  • Use Live View with Location Sharing on Google Maps. If a friend shares their location with you, simply tap on their icon and then on Live View. This will bring up the live view function within Maps, which should help with finding your friends.
  • It can help you see where you are, in relation to them. Tapping on Start, will allow the app to tell you how to get there.
  • The new Smart Reply within Gboard helps you reply to messages quickly. It will provide you with helpful suggestions as you type messages.
  • Pixel phones with Android 11, will provide users with app suggestions based on their daily routines. The phone will recommend apps that you use throughout the day like messages for check-ins, media apps for when you usually listen to music and Google Map directions when its time to head out.
  • Improved ways of selecting text, images or taking screenshots. More options will be provided on how to select or engage with content.
  • Improved home screen layout. Now, you can organize apps with helpful folder names, group them based on themes or similarities and several others.

Android 11 has already started rolling out to Pixel devices. But it will take time before it eventually makes its way onto other eligible mainstream Android devices.

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