‘Hoop Land’ is a New Basketball Title from ‘Prizefighters’ Developer

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We are big fans of Koality Games and their unique takes on mobile sports games. There’s the two excellent Prizefighters boxing games, a trio of basketball games including the unique Hoop League Tactics, and most recently an arcade-y take on ice hockey with last year’s Ice League Hockey. So out of all these Hoop League Tactics was perhaps the most unique in that it imagined the game of basketball as a turn-based tactical strategy game and, despite the real sport of basketball being near-constant fast-paced action, somehow this approach totally worked. However, some players requested a hoops game with proper real-time action, and with the release of Ice League Hockey last year with its fast-paced hockey gameplay, that gave those players something to point to and go “That, but basketball!” Well Koality is hoping to oblige those requests with the upcoming Hoop Land, check out an early trailer.

So right now Hoop Land is basically just one big practice mode, but you can already see the gameplay has a very arcade-y and slightly exaggerated style, just like Ice League Hockey. If there’s one thing Koality excels at it’s finding that core mix of enjoyable gameplay mechanics and then building numerous modes and progression systems on top of it to give players a really full-featured package. If you want to check out this early version of Hoop Land you can do so with the Testflight beta for iOS or the Google Play beta for Android, and then be sure to provide any feedback for Koality in the game’s forum thread. The plan is to release the full game at some point in the first half of 2023 and I’m personally very excited to see what Hoop Land has in store when it launches next year.

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