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Internet has always been a confusing place for the web users and it has lurking dangers from its every corner. People treat these threats very seriously and want to be always safe from them. The biggest intentions of the online predators are backed by the money. According to a report, India ranks 12th in the web threats, globally. An Android Spy helps the internet users to stay safe from the cyber-attacks. This report is not at all shocking as every one of us has been in a position when they have been attacked or been approached for a potential attack.

The internet attacks are known for the serious risks it poses on the users. They may cause serious threats to the internet users in a less time and that what makes the online attacks, dangerous and riskier. ONESPY’s Android Spy helps the internet users to remain safe and keep their kids safe from all the potential online threats. The biggest threats on the internet are sponsored by the intentions of some monetary gains.

Kaspersky Labs, Russian global cyber security firm, issued a report which stated that India ranks 12th in the world for the web threats. Around one third of every Indian has been attacked by the online predators between July-September of this year. The report also stated that the biggest motivation behind a cyber attack is related to monetary gains. That proves that money is the biggest motivator for the cyber attacks.

“It is known that money is the main motivation behind a cyber-attack, and India being one of the largest and developing populations cannot afford to be vulnerable online. We need to be more aware and more secure online,” Shrenik Bhayani, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab South Asia, said this week.

Knowledge of trusted websites whose connection is secure is very important. This is the first thing that effects your browser surfing. Online predators mark the browsing pattern of the web users and then attack the victims accordingly. This report from Kaspersky labs stated that the predators attacked the vulnerabilities of the browser and of their plug-ins. This can only happen when the site you are visiting is not trusted or doesn’t has a secure connection.


ONESPY’s Android Spy helps the internet users, specially the parents when they want to safeguard their kids from the web threats. Guidance for the children, using the internet is also very important. They need to be told about the proper cautions they should take while on the internet and also the other important things which will keep them safe from the web threats. An Android Spy helps the parents to full proof the security of their children from the internet threats.

It is indeed very frequent when one third of the Indians are being targeted on the internet. These figures state the fact that Indians should be little more cautious while on the internet and have a proper knowledge of the websites which they are visiting. The biggest source of the cyber attacks comes from such methods. Other types of methods which the Indians are prone to, is called ‘social engineering.’

This type of the attack is designed by the online predators and they require user participation to pinch the users. In this type of attack, users are shown altered authentic looking websites and download links. Users are requested to download the authentic looking links; this is where the malicious links are being downloaded on the user’s devices and then they create mischief.

This happens when the cybercriminal tricks the victim into believing they are downloading a legitimate file. “Protection against such attacks requires a web antivirus solution capable of detecting threats as they are being downloaded from the Internet,” stated by the report. The share of malicious incidents caused by malware hosted in India was 0.68 per cent – that is 6,450,023 incidents in the period July-September 2018, the research concluded.

ONESPY’s Android Spy helps the users by keeping track of the internet activities of the target phone. This Android Spy App assists the users by rendering exact and accurate results and that too keeping the operation, fully confidential. ONESPY uses the best kind of the Android Spy Software, which makes this Android Spy the best in the business.

Behind the online frauds, there are smart techniques and brains, they try and look legit and legal to their baits. That is why it is important to educate your kids about online frauds and advise them to use their wisdom and then take any step. Tricksters know that they can easily manipulate the kids and it becomes easy to con kids and teenagers. This is why parents need to have an Android Spy which also can works to full proof the safety of their kids.

ONESPY is an Android Spy which gives the parents, full assistance in tracking and monitoring their kids’ activities. This Android Spy App has many features which give full surety to the parents that their children are safe. Although there are many spy apps for Android in the market, ONESPY is the best. It has more than 30 easy to use, high quality features, makes it the best Android Spy.

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