Is the Audi R8 better than a Lamborghini Huracan?


The Audi R8 V10 combines excellent build quality and materials to create a prestigious and luxurious car.
Whilst the V10 dons the same core components as the Huracan, including engine and gearbox, it would be impossible to confuse the two just by looking at them. The Audi R8 V10’s grills are entirely aesthetic, and it has a softer body than its Lambo counterpart, making the V10 a more subtle choice. The inside of an Audi R8 is just as magnificent as the exterior. The seats are comfortable and low, just as a sports car should be, and both seats are adjustable so that you can easily find your preferred driving position. The modern infotainment system situated in the front console provides you with a visual representation of the speedometer and rev counter as well as sat-nav, driving data, entertainment and more, which you can control via buttons on the wheel or centre console.

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