‘Laid-Back Camp Virtual Lake Motosu’ Based on the Laid-Back Camp


After announcing a brand new adventure game based on the Laid-Back Camp (Yuru Camp) series titled Laid-Back Camp Virtual, Gemdrops confirmed that the two games will release for iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4 beginning March 2021. Laid-Back Camp Virtual Lake Motosu was confirmed for this month while Laid-Back Camp Virtual Fumoto Campsite releases next month. Today, Gemdrops confirmed that Laid-Back Camp Virtual Lake Motosu will release on March 4 for all platforms. Laid-Back Camp Virtual Lake Motosu supports both VR and non VR devices. On iOS and Android, it can be played in portrait and landscape mode with gyro support. The Switch version also supports gyro but the PS4 version lacks motion controls despite the DualShock 4 controller supporting it in many other games. Watch the new Laid-Back Camp Virtual Lake Motosu release date trailer below:

Laid-Back Camp Virtual Lake Motosu will also support VR through some VR goggles available on smartphones. The developer didn’t mention which ones would be supported though. On Nintendo Switch, Laid-Back Camp Virtual Lake Motosu works with the Labo Toy-Con VR Kit support while it supports PlayStation VR on PS4. For PC, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index are supported. Both games will included Japanese audio with English, French, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) subtitle options. The official English website is here. Laid-Back Camp Virtual Lake Motosu will be priced at $20.85 according to Gematsu. Check out the Steam page here. What do you think of the new Laid-Back Camp Virtual trailer and Season 2 of the anime if you’re keeping up?

[Source: Gematsu]

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