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Netflix knows a good developer when it sees one and has so far snapped up two of Snowman’s games as exclusive titles for its gaming service. Lucky Luna, an atmospheric platformer inspired by Japanese folklore, launched to excellent reviews last September, and now the studio’s latest title, Laya’s Horizon, looks to be another hit from the developers of Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey, offering much of the same charm, this time in 3D.


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Laya’s Horizon feels like a return to roots for the developer. It’s atmosphere is akin to the Alto games than Lucky Luna, although the gameplay couldn’t be more different. Laya’s Horizon is a 3D wingsuiting adventure where you’ll soar through clouds and mountains accompanied by a soothing yet upbeat music track. Of course, if you’d like to see the game in action, we’ve recorded the above video to showcase the gameplay directly.

When testing the game, we encountered a few issues with low framerates, but this wasn’t enough to spoil the experience (you may want to lower the visual quality if you’re using an older device).


Laya’s Horizon’s touchscreen controls feel difficult to wrap your head around initially, but once you’ve flown around for a bit, you’ll be wingsuiting like a pro in no time. Completing missions will earn you wingsuit upgrades, but there’s no rush. The open world lets you play at your own pace, allowing you to explore and experiment with your wingsuit. This is a chill game for the purpose of relaxing, and it hit this mark exceptionally well.

As you soar around the world, whether in a mission or the open world, the game will display your path on a map, clearing the fog to reveal more of the island. It’s a great way to visualize your progress, lending a sense of advancement that Alto’s Adventure lacked.


Laya’s Horizon is a stunning effort from Snowman, blending the charm and mesmerizing atmosphere of Alto’s Adventure with an expansive open world and spectacular 3D visuals. While it’s a little tricky to master the controls, the result is a spellbound adventure that feels like the natural next step for the developer on mobile. You’ll need a Netflix account to play, but beyond that, there’s no cost.

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