Main Android Auto Improvement in Android 11 Ironically Broken Down


One of the main Android Auto highlights in Android 11 is the wireless support mode, which has officially been unlocked for all devices for the first time ever.

In other words, while Android Auto wireless previously required a Samsung phone or a Google Pixel, this is no longer the case after your device is being updated to Android 11, as you can use a handset from pretty much any brand, as long as this OS version is installed.

But ironically, this is exactly the feature that’s broken down for some users after the update to Android 11, even though everything worked just flawlessly on Android 10.

Several users are complaining on Google’s forums that Android Auto wireless no longer works and fails with a strange error with rather unusual wording.

Activate failed because connecting to wifi [sic] timeout, Please [sic] switch wireless AA mode, and reopen bluetooth [sic],” the error message reads.

This mostly happens with third-party aftermarket units, though by the looks of things it also occurs for some people who use a factory-installed stereo that supports Android Auto wireless.

After the upgrade to Android 11 in my Pixel 4a, I can’t use Wireless anymore, this was working fine in Android 10, no issues, it works with the cable but when I tried to connect wireless I have this error message in the screen,” one user explains. “I already tried some troubleshooting steps, delete the previous configuration in the car, and in the phone. Cleared the cache of Android Auto and Google Play services, Also using the last versions of Android Auto, Android 11.

No workaround is known to exist at this point, but Google says it’s looking into reports and will circle back with more information. For the time being, however, the Android Auto experience after the upgrade to Android 11 is far from flawless, with Google working around the clock to ship more fixes.

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