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DXOMARK has finished testing Google’s very first foldable phone, the Pixel Fold. As per usual, the company tested the display, camera, and audio performance of the device, and the Pixel Fold did really well.

The Pixel Fold display, camera, and audio performance got tested by DXOMARK

Let’s talk about the display first, shall we. In this category, the Pixel Fold shone the brightest. It actually managed to earn 151 points, which means it now takes up a joint top position in DXOMARK’s display rankings.

DXOMARK says that the display has “good, adapted brightness and contrast for HDR10 video content”. It also praised “good color management”, as colors seem to remain faithful for both still and dynamic content. Do note that the company is talking about the main display.

The company also said that the display offered “smooth interactions” in most use cases. You may notice stutters when browsing the web, with a slight jello effect. Things are not nearly as bad as on some other foldables, though.


The phone has the brightest display of any foldable DXOMARK tested

DXOMARK says that the Pixel Fold has the brightest display out of the foldables the company tested. The company tested max brightness of around 1,430 nits, making it rather easy to use in most environments. The crease is easily visible outdoors, though. Direct sunlight can also make things a bit difficult to read.

There was no mention of the cover display, though.

The phone’s camera performance was also good

The Pixel Fold cameras scored 133 points in DXOMARK’s test, which puts it in the 28th position. That doesn’t sound great, but do note that there are a lot of great camera smartphones out there that DXOMARK tested.

In the main category, the photo category, the phone did really well. The bokeh and zoom portions didn’t really shine all that much, but overall, the Pixel Fold has good camera performance.


DXOMARK notes that the phone’s cameras shine in the autofocus, exposure, and dynamic range departments, as expected. The company did not appreciate the noise that crept in low light environments, or the phone’s bokeh performance.

The company also noted that the phone did show some “instabilities in exposure and white balance” when it comes to video performance. The autofocus and video stabilization worked great.

The audio performance is also nothing to scoff at

DXOMARK also tested the audio aspect of the device. With a score of 133, the Pixel Fold ended up being placed in the 38th position. It is claimed that the Pixel Fold has the best audio performance of any foldable device DXOMARK tested.

The Pixel Fold offers a “pleasant sound signature” with its speakers. It seemingly performed best when music playback is concerned. It also did well with movie content and games, though.


DXOMARK says that the phone offers an “overall nice tonal balance”, which ends up resulting in good clarity. That goes for most musical content that DXOMARK tried. Dynamic performance is also good, notes the company. The speakers are also loud enough, but strong compression and significant distortion can be noticed at the highest volumes.

The best recording audio performance can be reached when using a selfie camera in the device’s folded state. The sound has an “accurate envelope, a sharp attack, and excellent signal-to-noise ratio”.

If you’d like to check out the full report by DXOMARK, click here.

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