Mercedes-Benz S Class Saloon (2020


2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The new S-Class is quite astonishing in its array of new tricks and toys – you certainly won’t find more cutting-edge technology on any 2020 competitor. There’s the head-up display that can be optioned in 3D, with all the information from the driver display projected far down the road, while arrows point into thin air through the windscreen to show you which road to take off a junction, as well as its name. The vast touch-screen in the middle of the car shows a detailed sat-nav map, which minimises to reveal a camera view of the junction ahead as you approach, with arrow pointing out the route to take.

“Hey Mercedes” voice control can find you a sushi restaurant en route, book a table and tell you the menu, or adapt the various ‘wellness’ features like lighting, massage seats and more according to your mood. Indeed, the ambient lighting itself is a feature worth highlighting, the stripes embedded behind smooth glass surfaces and changing colour according to the temperature you’ve set, along with other responses to your actions. Sure, Mini has done something similar for years but it’s a totally different level of glossy luxury in the Mercedes. Tech options in the rear include individual screens, along with the aforementioned tablet control station.

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