Meta Account Center now puts your settings under one roof


In a bid to centralize all controls, Meta is rolling out their new Account Center feature. This helps users of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger to control their accounts from one place. People who make use of multiple Meta social media apps will find this new feature particularly intriguing.

This is not the only improvement that Meta is bringing to its apps. Another feature is ads control which aims at giving users control of the ads they see while browsing through Meta social media apps. The company says that these improvements will help improve consistency across its apps.

This article will focus on the new Account Center and how it benefits users. Do you have an account with more than one Meta-owned social media app? If yes, this feature aims to make things a bit easier for you, here’s how.


Control the settings of your various Meta-owned accounts from one place

The new Meta Account Center centralizes the settings of your various accounts. Directly from the accounts center in the settings menu, users will be able to control all their Meta accounts. This page can be found on the Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger settings menu.

So with any app, you can alter all account settings easily, this saves users the stress of making a change on all apps individually. Meta says that things like “personal details, passwords and security, and Ad preferences” are now centralized. This will help ensure consistency across the settings of all the Meta apps that you use.

Regarding ad preferences, Meta is working to make this setting more understandable to users of its apps. This will help users to better manage the kind of ads they see while browsing through Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.


The ads setting is also centralized, so any changes to this setting will reflect across all other accounts. But Meta does well to give users the choice of controlling their various accounts from one app setting. Users can either put all accounts under one Account Center or access all settings in their apps.

This setting centralization will become a valuable feature to businesses and individuals that make use of Meta apps. Already, some users are getting this feature on their accounts via an app update. To get this new feature, update your Meta apps directly from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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