Microsoft uncovers cryptojacking attacks affecting Linux-based devices


Recent reports point out a cryptojacking attack that Microsoft has uncovered on some devices. Some of the devices that are prone to getting this attack are Linux-based and IoT devices. The attack is quite common within the crypto industry, and it pulls computer users against their will.

According to the reports, Microsoft has been able to spot this type of attack after some analysis. The report goes on to point out that Linux-based and IoT systems are a special target for the bad actors launching these attacks. This might seem odd considering that Microsoft doesn’t own the Linux OS or any of the IoT systems this attack is focusing on.

So why is Microsoft paying attention to an attack that isn’t affecting their systems? What exactly is this cryptojacking attack, and how does it impact systems? These might be a few questions on your mind regarding this topic and this article will answer them.

Quick delve into the cryptojacking attacks that Microsoft just uncovered

You might be wondering what cryptojacking is and what role it plays within the crypto industry. Well, cryptojacking is simply the act of taking over a computer and using it to mine cryptocurrencies. This mining process takes place without the users’ will, as the attackers break into the system using brute force.


Once an attacker is in the system, they then use it to mine cryptocurrency and get profit. The attacks are a combination of custom and open-source tools to attack Linux-based and IoT systems. These tools are used to hack into and take over a system for the sole purpose of mining cryptocurrencies.

Microsoft notes that this attack is affecting Linux-based and IoT devices, but still recognizes it as a threat. Despite it finding a niche with these systems, there might be a chance of it finding its way to Windows devices. Linux might be a prime choice for attackers since they can easily deploy a crypto mining distro.

This distro is unique to Linux and specializes in the mining of cryptocurrencies. Although this software is not on Windows devices, attackers might find a way to deploy it along with their attacks. For this reason, there is a need to be on guard against these cryptojacking attacks.

Users of Windows devices might need to up their security game to stay safe. Microsoft will also need to tighten their security to ensure that users stay safe. More information on this cryptojacking scam will be made available in the coming weeks.


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