New Feature Drop causes Pixel phones’ batteries to drop fast

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Pixel phone owners always look forward to the quarterly feature drops. The latest one just dropped, but Pixel owners are facing some issues with it. This feature drop is causing the battery life on Pixel phones to drop.

This is something that’s happened before with a feature drop. Phones were experiencing faster battery drain and overheating. Google eventually released a patch to fix it. So, if you haven’t installed the update yet, then you might want to skip it.

The latest feature drop causes battery drain in Pixel phones

According to Android Police, people are reporting excessive battery drain after installing the latest Feature Drop. People are needing to recharge their phones multiple times just to get through one day. That’s pretty rough. This issue might be especially bad for Pixel 6 owners, as this is a two-year-old phone, so the battery life is pretty bad already.

The battery isn’t the only issue with this update. Users are also reporting connectivity issues with their phones. Their phones are dropping their connections at random times throughout the day.


A temporary solution is to restart your phone throughout the day. We’re not sure why that’s the case, but if it helps, then it helps. We’ll need to wait for this issue to catch Google’s attention so that it can send out a patch.

What came with this feature drop?

If you’re curious about what Google pushed to its phones, here’s a rundown. Starting off with some new camera functions, Pixel 7 users can now use the macro camera to record videos. Also, Pixel 6 phones and newer are getting a new hand gesture for taking pictures. If you want to start a timer, you just need to hold your hand up to start the timer.

Moving onto safety features, the Car Crash Detection feature got an update. If it detects that you’ve been in a crash, your phone will share your call status and real-time location with your emergency contacts.

Next, Google Assistant can do a safety check for you. If you don’t respond after a certain amount of time, your phone will notify your emergency contacts and share your location.


The Recorder app got a few new upgrades. Firstly, you’ll be able to search the transcript for specific speakers and even export the text to Google Docs.

Next, if you use the Recorder app to record a video, it will also have an automatic transcript. The app will also give the speakers labels.

Lastly, Google brought some new features for the wallpapers. Firstly, you’re able to take any picture and turn it into a 3D cinematic wallpaper. It will pop out the subject and add a parallax effect.

Also, you’ll be able to create your own wallpapers using emojis, colors, and patterns. It’s a great update… you’ll just need to wait for Google to patch the issues.


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