New Galaxy S22 Update Brings Astrophotography


The Galaxy S22 phones have some of the best cameras of 2022. While this is true, they can still be made even better. Samsung just announced that a new update will bring astrophotography and other camera features to the Galaxy S22 phones.

The Galaxy S22 phones received praise when they launched earlier this year. They retain designs similar to last year’s phones with the exception of the S22 Ultra. This phone brought a new camera design.

Android Headlines did reviews on these phones. You can check out the review for the Galaxy S22+ and the Galaxy S22 Ultra.


The new Galaxy S22 camera update brings astrophotography and more features

Let’s start off with the most relevant feature here. Samsung introduced the ability for Galaxy S22 owners to take pictures of the stars using the Expert Raw application. This lets you take a picture of the night sky and clearly see the stars. This is something that was introduced with Pixel phones, and it’s been well sought after ever since.

There’s also a new multiple exposures feature in the Expert Raw app. This allows you to take multiple pictures and layer them on top of each other in different ways. Say, if you take a picture of flowers, you can overlay it over a picture of you. The app gives you different ways to overlay your pictures for all sorts of effects.


There is a new camera assistant app

You can download this application from the Galaxy store. What this app does is let you choose which features you want to enable and disable in the camera app.

This includes features like auto lens switching, auto HDR, fast shutter, etc. It gives you access to these features so that you can easily change them on the spot. The Camera Assistant can also soften your selfies to get that beauty filter look.

These are all welcome features for the Galaxy phones. Google just launched its Pixel 7 phones, and they bring a spectacular photography experience. So, this is a way for Samsung to keep up with the competition. The new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro also launched, and those phones brought some camera improvements. This should tide users over until the Galaxy S23 phones launch next year.


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