Of course Samsung is pushing ads for the Galaxy S22


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra display

Eric Zeman / Android Authority


  • Samsung is pushing a Galaxy S22 ad on the Galaxy S22 series.
  • This comes months after Samsung announced that it was halting ads in its stock apps.

We noticed an ad on our Galaxy S22 Ultra review unit (via the Samsung Push Service) urging us to pre-order a Galaxy S22 series phone. Check out the screenshot below.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ads

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

It’s not the first time that we see Samsung pushing ads on a $1,000+ smartphone as it’s done so before on its flagships, but it’s still disappointing. It’s especially discouraging given Samsung’s aforementioned move to stop running ads on its smartphone apps. We’re not sure whether this was an accident or if Samsung’s decision to halt ads in system apps only applies to certain apps and system services.

It’s also a wholly unnecessary ad given that it’s a Galaxy S22 series ad on a Galaxy S22 Ultra in the first place — what else is there to gain? Surely, the company can prevent Galaxy S22 series ads from being pushed out to these phones.

We’ve asked Samsung representatives about this latest ad and will update the article if they get back to us.

What do you think of system ads in the Galaxy S22 series?

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