Oppo is trying to recreate Apple’s MagSafe tech for its


Oppo is taking on Apple’s MagSafe chargers with its first magnetic wireless charger, the MagVOOC.

Following in the footsteps of Apple and Realme, there is yet another magnetic wireless charger alternative on the way, this time developed by Oppo for Androids.

The company has announced three new magnetic wireless variations of the VOOC fast-charger, now called the MagVOOC series, at the Smart China Expo 2021.

The MagVOOC was unveiled and it consists of a vertical flash charging stand, the MagVOOC ultra-thin flash charger and a wireless power bank, which uses magnets to ensure the phone and charger are always aligned.

While looking similar to both Apple’s MagSafe and Realme’s MagDart, the Oppo version has more power than Apple, with a max charging output of 20W rather than 15W.

The MagVOOC thin charger adapts a split design to keep the charger thinner and more portable.

Oppo MagVOOC

Moving on to the battery pack, this has a 4,500mAh capacity and a charging output of 20W. This capacity is far greater than the MagSafe Battery Pack from Apple.

The company also took this chance to present its latest work on in-car smartphone connectivity, as users can also use Oppo’s in-car flash charge, which should support the 65W VOOC USB flash charge and the 40W VOOC wireless flash charge while you drive.

Oppo also announced new remote charging technology, which is designed to charge a device from a few inches away with a 7.5W of power, as reported by Android Central.

Oppo hasn’t confirmed when all these charging devices will be rolled out to the public, but we will make sure to update this article as soon as the information become available.

If you’re interested in learning more about wireless magnetic technology, you can check out our article explaining what the original Apple MagSafe is and how it works.

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