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Phone Cleaner is a professional cleaning and boosting app for Android, which has functions of junk file cleaner, memory booster, app lock, smart charge, anti virus, game booster, deep clean, CPU cooling, app manager, notification cleaner, and battery saving.

Phone cleaner for Android users with beautiful UI design and professional one-tap booster. It is so fast and convenient to clean the phone and enhance the mobile with just one touch.

Phone Cleaner and Booster App Features :-

Junk Cleaner(smart cleaner): Phone cleaner is here to clean cache files, RAM, etc. in your phone. This cleaner can free up more space, boost your phone speed & performance,This is an automatic cleaner by setting up clean time to clean your phone in time

Antivirus (Virus cleaner): Scan for virus on all apps, clean virus, boost your phone’s security & safety from virus (virus cleaner trojans)

Phone/Speed Booster: This booster doesn’t allow more auto-start Apps in the backend. can boost processing speed, turn off unnecessary apps that running in background & save battery.

Applocker: Lock up apps, photos, messages, & other private data. protect your privacy. Keep sensitive photos, videos, contact, SMS & communication apps security & safety by encrypting them

Battery Saver: One Booster helps to save battery power and extend it life by hibernating running apps.

CPU Cooler: Cool the CPU temperature by detect & close apps that are likely to cause temperature rise. An Apps cleaner to close overheating apps.

Deep Cleaner: Clean unwanted image, video, audio, installation package.

Notification Management: Turn off notifications for some apps to reduce disturbances

Game Booster: mmerse yourself in the game world without interruptions

App Management: Delete unnecessary apps to save storage space on your phone

Smart Charging: Smart Charging helps you save battery and optimize battery charging time, helping to increase battery life.

Amazing User Experience and user interface

Admob Native Ads & Interstitial Ads are Integrated

SDK 32 Integrated & 64 Bit Compatible & Android 12 Supported

24/7 Support & Full Documentation support

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