Pixel 6a just keeps dropping in price – you won’t


The Google Pixel 6a already offers some of the best value on the market, but we’re almost offended by how good this latest deal is for Google’s Android 13 handset.

Buy Mobiles is, somehow, offering a Pixel 6a with no upfront cost and 100GB of data for an insane £14 a month on Three’s 5G network. Quite frankly, that’s a ridiculous deal and we’re not sure how anyone is making any money on it.

Pixel 6a with 100GB a month just £14 with nothing upfront

Pixel 6a with 100GB a month just £14 with nothing upfront

The Pixel 6a is already a great value phone, but with this deal you’ll pay nothing upfront and get 100GB of monthly data of an incredible £14 a month.

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  • 100GB data
  • £14 a month

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The Pixel 6a costs £399 to buy up front, with no network connectivity. Over the 24-month length of this contract, you’ll pay just £336. It’s an absolute no brainer.

The handset was released on May 2022, so is currently less than a year old and comes packing a new design and the same Tensor processor that underpins Google’s flagships. There’s 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage on board too.

The cameras have long been a strength of the Pixel series, largely thanks to Google’s excellent computational photography skills that raise the bar above the 12-megapixel rear sensors. You’re also getting the clean version of Android with major updates promised on day one for a number of years to come.

In our review of the Pixel 6a, our editor Max Parker praised the smaller form factor and 6.1-inch display, reliable camera, and the amenable version of Android with no bloatware. He did lament the presence of a 60Hz display, while the phone is relatively slow to fully charge.

In awarding the Pixel 6a a four-star review, Max concluded: “The Pixel 6a is another easy-to-recommend Android phone that doesn’t break the bank. You’re getting plenty of phone for the money with this device, especially if you’re after a more compact device that will pick up updates for years to come.”

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