Pixel link-sharing feature is now available on ASUS smartphones


The Pixel link-sharing feature is finally making its way to another Android brand. This feature is one of the exclusive features that Google Pixel users enjoy. Ever since the feature became available on Google Pixel devices, it has made sharing links across devices a bit easier.

But finally, this amazing feature is creeping into another Android brand for users to enjoy. With the launch of the ASUS Zenfone 10, some users have got to try out the Pixel link-sharing feature on their new device. This shows that finally, Google is ready to share some of its top features with other Android brands.

If you are using an ASUS device with the ZenUI software, you should be able to make use of this feature. But what exactly is this Pixel link-sharing feature, and why is it important to most users? This article will explain what this feature is and how you can make use of it if you use a Pixel or an ASUS smartphone.

Details on the impressive Pixel link-sharing feature now available on ASUS smartphones

The Pixel link-sharing feature brings an easy way to share links across your devices or to others. This feature first came to Pixel smartphones with the Android 12 upgrade a few years ago. Ever since then, this feature has remained an exclusive one for the Pixel community.


It does exactly what it says, sharing links, but it performs this task with a bit of style. Instead of using the share feature within the app where the link or URL is located, you can copy the link from the recent app page. The recent apps page or interface on your Android device shows your recently used apps.

To access it, pull up the navigation bar for a while or tap the box icon if your device uses three-key navigation. This will take you to your recent app page where you can scroll through, close, or reopen active apps. On Pixel devices, if you have a page open with a link in it, you can share the link without opening the app.

All users need to do is scroll to the app, and a link icon will pop up at the top right-hand corner of the minimized app. Tapping on that icon will reveal a few options that users can select between. These options include copying the link or sharing it using a list of options that would be listed at the bottom of the interface.

This feature makes it a bit easier to share links and finally, ASUS smartphones are getting it as well. Possibly soon, most Android brands will also get access to this link-sharing feature. Until then, if you have an ASUS smartphone, you can access this feature after installing the latest Android 13 update.


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