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Niantic has revealed its content roadmap for the early portion of this year and they shared a look at its current focuses within the game alongside some upcoming big updates on events and community days.

First on the roadmap, fresh off the spectacular response to the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto last year, Niantic’s first order of business is hosting the Pokemon Go Johto Tour 2022, beginning on February 26th and 27th. During this event, trainers around the world can participate wherever they are but trainers specifically within Monterrey, Mexico, or Kaohsiung, Taiwan, will actually be able to participate in live events. Some highlights of this particular tour include new Go Gym Trainers inspired by top members of the community and new Masterwork Research featuring Apex Shadow Pokemon.

The next focus of the roadmap is Go Battle League improvements. Niantic has assured us that it is constantly updating and trying to refine the experience of these battles, but are currently prioritizing a large number of updates and bug fixes for this portion of the game. These updates will be featured soon in an upcoming dev diary.

Beyond that, Niantic is looking at upgrading the already existent Postcard Book feature by adding in additional functions, like notifications, sticker saving, expanded gift maximums, new sorting methods, and new Postcard notes. Along with all of that, they are planning on sharing several season Special Research stories oriented towards smaller-scale adventures.

And lastly, Niantic wants to explore the sense of community they’d like trainers to feel around the world. With the first-ever Community Day classic being one such experiment, they’d like to dive deeper into those experiments and explore the concept of Community Day to keep events fresh and exciting for all of their players.

With all of these updates and more coming this year alone, it is looking like a wonderful year to get into the super popular Pokemon Go if you haven’t already. You can do so by downloading it for free on either the App Store or Google Play.

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