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Earlier this year Sony began testing the ability to share PS5 captures directly from the PS app. Starting today, Sony is rolling this feature out to more countries. This includes users in the US who didn’t previously have access to it. Now with this feature in play, users can easily capture content on their PS5 console, and then find those captures in the PS app for easy sharing across different mediums.

Want to share a cool match highlight with your friends through text? Now you can do so more easily. Fancy saving your screenshots to your phone? You can do that more easily too. All of this was possible prior to the captures feature being introduced. But there was a few more steps and everything was more complicated. You’d have to first capture the content you wanted to share, and then copy it to a USB drive.

Then you could plug the USB drive into a PC and transfer those captures anywhere you wanted. The only other option was to share directly to Twitter from the console, and then pull the content from there. Not exactly the most straightforward process.

PS5 captures roll out to the PS app to 17 countries

Sony lists a total of 17 countries today that should be gaining this feature in the app. You can find all this information on the support page, where Sony also details how to find the feature and make use of it. To make things easier though, the supported list of countries is as follows.

Users in the US, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay will all have access. As of now Sony is limiting the feature to these regions. But more countries will be added to the supported list in March.

If you live in one of the newly supported countries, you’ll find the captures section in the Game Library tab. You should also receive a pop-up alert that the feature is available once you boot up the app today. Additionally, you’ll need to enable the Captures feature to start using it.

Once enabled, any future content you capture will appear in the app and stay available for a period of 14 days. Keep in mind that no content capture prior to enabling the feature will be available in the app.

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