Razer launches the Moray, ergonomic in-ear monitors for gamers

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Razer covers a lot of different areas of the gaming industry with its products, audio being a key category and that now includes the Moray, a new pair of in-ear monitors that Razer says are “designed for gamers and marathon streamers.”

At first glance these might just look like another pair of wired Razer earbuds. But that’s not the case. Since these are in-ear monitors, they should offer a higher degree of noise isolation and superior comfort to Razer’s other earbud products. Earbuds typically rest at the entrance of the ear canal while in-ear monitors are situated further in. This helps with the improved noise isolation.

These are also key features of the Razer Moray in-ear monitors. Which come with an ergonomic build for all-day comfort. Razer says the hybrid dual-driver acoustic design provides exceptional audio quality to keep you immersed for hours on end.

The Razer Moray in-ear monitors are all about comfort

It doesn’t matter how good a pair of earbuds, in-ear monitors, or headphones sound if they aren’t comfortable to wear for very long. Razer claims its tackling that issue by placing big focus on how comfortable the Moray are to wear for extended periods.


The design features a low-profile ergonomic fit that won’t be obtrusive. They’re also made to have a snug fit to prevent incoming sound from outside audio sources. And to ensure they stay put. According to Razer the Moray can relieve pressure on the head and ears that you might experience with a traditional headset. And this translates to seamless fatigue-free gaming and streaming experience.

There are a few other key attributes of the Moray to make note of. They come with three different types of ear tips for one. You can swap these out at your leisure to find the perfect fit. They also come with a splash-resistant case to keep them secure during travel. Additionally, the cable is braided and features memory loop tubing to keep things out of the way. With this design, the cable tubing sits behind the ear and helps keep them in place.

The Razer Moray are available starting today for $129.99 at Razer’s website.

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