Remind (Android)


Remind is an application specially pointed to teachers; it lets you establish a direct and unidirectional communication with parents and students, keeping in touch and improving their educational experience.

Students and parents who want to use Remind won’t need to share any personal information like their phone numbers, you just have to register in the group created by the teacher. This way you can easily receive every important notification: grades, exam dates, homework, etc.

Remind is a very useful application for teachers; it lets you establish a direct communication network with parents and students, which can improve the students’ performance at class.

The best free Android apps for back to school

The arrival of October spells the definitive end of those hazy summer holidays in a lot of countries: back to school or back to the grind – whether its university or the office – for most of us. To make this transition a bit easier for you we’ve put together a selection of free Android apps – a long list with a wide variety of app categories that should cover the needs of kids and parents alike.

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