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WordPress on Android – short review

Hello All,

The idea behind this blog is that I will try to review some of the most downloaded

apps that I use, and I will include here general apps, specific oriented apps and of course

games, all on the HTC Tattoo 1.6 platform.

I would like to start with this app(WordPress) since I like it too much J

What can I say: you simply download it from the market, add your WordPress

login info, and you’re ready to go…Simple as that J

On top of it you have four tabs:

Comments – this one does really what it says;

Posts – you can find your posts here and you can add new posts;

Pages – here you can add info about yourself on the blog, or about your site;

Stats – as it says in the title, a usefull tool that shows the views, clicks or referrers;

It’s really nice because you can use filters for these but also for the timeline.

Hope you enjoyed my short review, and hope to meet you on another post J

Meanwhile take care and be happy J

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