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This Z6 smartwatch has been provided by imoo for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to imoo for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this Z6 smartwatch, please follow the links listed above specific for your country. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!


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iMoo is taking their highly successful Z6 smartwatch Global and we were lucky enough to be included as an advanced review site (thanks to you and your subscriptions!). So here it is, a true Adventurer’s communications and photography, seriously waterproof smartwatch. These are some highlights (note, the target market focus has been changed to conform to an adult market due to restrictions on promoting smartwatches for individuals who are not adults yet in many different countries).

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Our imoo Watch Phone Z6 is not only innovative, but also beautiful and practical. For this purpose, we have customized many unique components, and we own at least 22 patents for the flip mode. These patents enable the Z6’s flip axis to achieve a free stop at 0–90 degrees without shaking or blocking at any angle.

• Best Communication Tool for Outdoor Adventurers: with explorers in mind, we were looking at solutions to introducing adventurers to communication technology in a safe and secure way.
• Dual Front 5MP (84.4°) and Rear 8MP (84°) Cameras: to view different perspectives in HD video calls.
• Accurate Locating: with Satellite GPS to know where their adventuring explorers are.
• Water Resistance: to avoid water damage even during swimming. The swimming-water resistant performance is the highest in the industry, even higher than that of the mobile phone industry. With our unremitting efforts, the watch is truly water-resistant while swimming.
• Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear Series: developed specifically for smartwatches.
• Customise AMOLED: with Super Retina Display.
• Class Mode: to ensure that users are not distracted during designated study time. This mode allows you to disable certain features of the watch during study hours. In class mode, the watch can only tell the time and make emergency calls. Other features such as the camera and video calls are not available.
• Safety Guard: to notify contacts when their adventurer has left a designated area (geofencing).

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Altira Business Park, Lantai 8 Jl. Yos Sudarso Kav 85, RT 9/RW11 Sunter Jaya, Tanjung Priok Jakarta Utara 14360
WhatsApp Service: 0822 99999 669 Hotline:  (021) 22363565  Email:

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