A closer look @ Puffin OS – “The Cloud Is The Phone”
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Introducing Puffin OS
Puffin OS is an open platform mobile OS derived from Android and use the Avatar Technology to shift workload from the local device to an avatar in the cloud.

On traditional mobile phones, the price and performance are highly correlated. High performance devices are pricier, affordable devices are slow and crappy.

With the Avatar technology, Puffin OS transforms mobile phones costing $100 or less into performance powerhouses.

Avatar Technology
Since the avatar runs in high performance computers on robust cloud infrastructure, it can execute applications efficiently, regardless the original device’s hardware limitations.

The avatars also protect devices by isolating unknown threats in the cloud, away from physical devices.

Open Platform
Unlike other proprietary platforms, Puffin OS is free from the regulations and exploitation on developers and users.

Developers can use open web standards like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to build mobile apps. Developers have freedom to release and distribute their mobile apps.

Users have the freedom to install web apps from the web app store or from any website.

The whole Internet is your app catalog
Puffin OS can convert any existing websites in the form of web apps. Instantly unlock more than 1.5 billion websites into web apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, etc.

Web apps can run instantly without having to download the apps. This not only saves app installation and update time, but also saves the device storage occupied by apps.

1.5BWeb apps
Feature phone apps: 500
Smartphone apps : 2.6M

App installation time

Bridging the digital divide
Puffin OS breaks hardware boundaries and provides best price-performance and possibilities on affordable devices for the next billion users

Puffin’s next-generation “Avatar” technology enables low-cost and high-performance phones for the next billion new internet citizens.

As Google’s Android Go failed to deliver excellent performance on mobile phones with limited storage and computing power, Google invested in KaiOS instead. KaiOS phones became the next billion users’ choices of entry-level mobile phones, but the user experience leaves much to be desired.

Wicked Fast
Puffin’s JavaScript engine and cloud computing technology use servers to preprocess and compress web pages, achieving loading times up to 5x faster and saving up to 90% of your bandwidth vs. regular web browsing.

CloudMosa’s mission is to empower the world’s phones through cloud computing and make them universally powerful and useful.

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