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Some of you might have already heard of Roblox. It’s been around since 2006, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Opportunities are endless in Roblox, as it’s a game-building platform where anyone can create or play a giant selection of builds. Aspiring game developers are provided all the tools to be creative for free. Not only that, but Roblox also serves as a safe online sanctuary to share and play creations with your friends and family.

Creativity, connectivity, and community ensure that Roblox is a desirable virtual platform for just about anyone. If you’re already curious and sold on seeing precisely what the Roblox hype is all about, Android Police is here to help you get started.


The guide we’ve prepared today offers helpful tips for newcomers, including:

  1. How to sign up for a new account.
  2. How to create and customize your avatar.
  3. How to change your Roblox username and display name.
  4. How to join shared experiences (games).
  5. A brief list of popular experiences to get you started in the land of Roblox.

How to create your avatar and account

The first few steps to get everyone started in Roblox cover how to create your account and customize your avatar. Your avatar serves as your online face during your time in Roblox.

Sign up for a new account

  1. After launching the Roblox app for the first time, you’re prompt to log in or sign up.
  2. Tap Sign Up to begin creating a new account. Fill out your personal details (birthday, username, password, etc.). Remember, don’t put your real name for your username – this is to protect your online privacy. Robox-Sign-up-1 Roblox-empty-fields-2
  3. Once all fields are filled, tap Sign Up. You’re redirected to the homepage. This page is your central hub where you can find games, add friends, send messages, change your settings, customize your avatars, and more! The toolbar at the bottom of the page is your primary navigation tool. Roblox-Home-3 Roblox-Home-toolbar-4

Creating your Avatar

  1. Navigate to the homepage. Tap on your avatar icon on the toolbar located at the bottom.
  2. You’re redirected to a new page. You can access customization options and an in-game shop to purchase cosmetics to spruce up your avatar. Roblox-Avatar-1 Roblox-Avatar-2
  3. Tap on Customize. A plethora of options lets you personalize your avatar in any shape or form. Alternatively, you can choose to create new characters (as saved presets) or update your existing ones. Keep in mind that obtaining some cosmetic options will cost you Robux (in-game currency).
  4. Tap on Clothing > Classic Shirts. Tap on a classic shirt of choice to change your shirt. Your avatar’s appearance will update to the new shirt you selected. If you want to return to the default, tap on the new option again to remove it. Roblox-Avatar-3 Roblox-Avatar-4
  5. Explore clothing options by swiping left and right. Repeat step 4 for Accessories.
  6. To change your skin tone, tap on Body > Skin. Select color and tap on it.
  7. Scroll through Body to change your hair, head, face, and body structure. Tap on the option(s) you want. Roblox-Avatar-5 Roblox-Avatar-6
  8. Skip animation customization for now; little to none are available for new accounts. Tap on Emotes to add options to your avatar’s expressions and body movements.
  9. Tap on the arrow on the upper left side of your screen to exit out of customization. Leaving the avatar customization menu in Roblox

How to change your Roblox username

Changing your username isn’t as intuitive as it should be. It’s also a little costly to do; you will need to spend 1000 Robux (amounts to $10 if you buy Roblox premium). Note: if you’re trying to change your username because it contains your full name, try contacting Roblox support – they might implement the change for you, free of charge.

  1. Navigate to the homepage. Tap on the overflow icon in the toolbar to access the ‘More’ page.
  2. Scroll down the ‘More’ page to find and tap on Settings. Roblox-username-1 Roblox-username-2
  3. In Settings, navigate and tap on Account Info. You can change/add your personal details, display name, username, and password.
  4. Under Account Info, tap on edit (the writing tool embedded into the square icon) by username. Roblox-username-3 Roblox-username-4
  5. To continue editing your username, you need to link your account to a verified email address. Tap on Add Email > Add Email (after inputting your email) > OK.
  6. Tap Verify under Account Info, then tap OK. Login into your email to complete the verification step. Roblox-username-5 Roblox-username-6
  7. Now that you have a verified email, return to Account Info and tap on edit by username.
  8. Input your new username and tap Buy. Now you have a new username.

How to change your Roblox display name

You may opt to change your display name instead of your username, as it’s much easier to pull off. Your display name is the public name that other users can see. The best part is that this service is free. Display names can be changed once every seven days.

  1. Navigate to the homepage. Tap on the overflow icon to access the ‘More’ page.
  2. Tap on Settings > Account info > Display Name (edit). Roblox-display-name-1 Roblox-display-name-2
  3. Enter your new display name. Tap Save. Your account will automatically update to your new display name. Roblox-display-name-3 Roblox-display-name-4

How to join new experiences

Experiences are community-created games (of any genre) within Roblox. Thanks to a vast catalog of titles built up over the years, the possibilities are endless. Checking out these experiences is the most significant step to seeing what Roblox is all about, so here’s how to do it.

  1. Navigate to the homepage. Tap on the Play button in the toolbar.
  2. Now you’re on the experiences page, where you can search and browse any experiences that are listed publicly. Roblox-experiences-1 Roblox-experiences-2
  3. On the experience page, select a game and tap the Play button. Alternatively, you can create a private server for friends and family by tapping on the icon to the left of the Play button. Roblox-experiences-3 Roblox-experiences-4
  4. After tapping on the Play button, the game will launch like a native app. Now you’re in! An example of opening up an experience in Roblox

You can also join your friends who are currently in an experience. Simply locate your friend’s username and tap Join Game.

Popular experiences to check out

As a new Roblox user, you might not know where to start. So we’ve compiled a short list of the most popular experiences in Roblox.

  1. Royale High (Genre: adventure) – School-life simulator game.
  2. Anime Fighters Simulator (Genre: adventure) – Explore worlds to recruit and train ‘Fighters.’
  3. Adopt Me! (Genre: RPG) – Raise and collect adorable pets.
  4. Tower of Hell (Genre: adventure) – Platforming using randomized levels.
  5. Murder Mystery 2 (Genre: horror) – Comparatively a mafia party game with a murderer, innocents, and a sheriff in play.

Roblox is a great platform to learn how to build games, whether that’s to share with your family and friends or for personal amusement. The Roblox community is enormous, and it’s not going away anytime soon. So if you’re looking for a gaming library that’s continually growing/evolving, you should consider adding the Roblox app to your installation list.


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