Samsung Galaxy S20 Android 11 Problems: 5 Things to Know


Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Android 11 update went through a lengthy beta, but bugs and performance issues are present in the official release.

The Galaxy S20 Android 11 roll out is underway and the software is pushing out to Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra users in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The new operating system brings a number of changes to the company’s flagship phones including UI tweaks, extended customization, and new features. It’s a significant upgrade and one that most Galaxy S20 users should install.

We’ve been monitoring feedback about the Galaxy S20 Android 11 update’s performance. We’re seeing a lot of good news, but we’re also hearing about a variety of issues. Some of these problems are brand new, others have carried over from the Android 11 beta and Android 10.

The roll out is still in its early stage so we expect the list of Galaxy S20 Android 11 problems to grow as the new operating system reaches users around the world.

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With that in mind, we want to take you through the current state of Galaxy S20 Android 11 problems. We’ll take you through the best way to prepare for the move to Android 11, provide you with some resources that could help you fix issues, and give you a look at what to expect from Samsung and its partners down the road.

Prepare for Android 11

You can’t predict exactly how Samsung’s Android 11/One UI 3.0 will impact your Galaxy S20’s performance and that’s why it’s important to prepare for the move.

If you’re still waiting for Android 11 to arrive, use this time to prepare yourself, and your device, for the move from Android 10 to Android 11.

If your update is available, spend 30 minutes or so preparing for the installation. A little preparation ahead of time will help you avoid major headaches.

We’ve released a walkthrough that will help you prepare for the move. These are the steps we typically take before we install new Android software on our devices.

If you don’t have a ton of time to devote to the pre-installation process, you’ll want to make sure all of your important data is backed up.

Galaxy S20 Android 11 Problems

As we push away from the Android 11 release we’re starting to hear about the initial bugs and performance issues plaguing the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Galaxy S20 users are reporting abnormal battery drain, installation issues, notification issues, problems with first and third-party apps, UI lag, charging issues, data issues, gesture issues, Wi-Fi problems, volume problems, and more.

Again, we expect this list to grow as more people make the move to Samsung’s new software.

Where to Find Feedback

If you haven’t moved your phone to Android 11 yet, make sure you keep an eye on feedback from Galaxy 20 users that have. This feedback will keep you informed about Android 11-related issues.

There are several places to find feedback about Android 11 and One UI 3.0. We recommend keeping an eye on XDA-Developers, the Galaxy S20 Reddit, Android Reddit, and social media sites like Twitter.

If you live in the United States you’ll also want to keep your eyes on the official AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile forums if you own a Galaxy S20 on one of those networks.

How to Fix Galaxy S20 Android 11 Problems

If you run into a problem after moving to Android 11, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to fix whatever is ailing your phone.

If you run into an issue, take a look at our list of fixes for common Galaxy S20 problems. We’ve also released a guide that could help you fix battery life issues.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our guides, you should check out the XDA’s Galaxy S20 forum, carrier support forums (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, for example), and the Galaxy S20 Reddit for potential fixes.

You can also get in touch with Samsung or your provider on social media sites like Twitter. Samsung’s also got a customer support line that might come in handy.

What’s Next

Samsung pushes monthly security patches to the Galaxy S20 series and the company often includes bug fixes in these updates.

If your carrier offers an Android update schedule, keep an eye on it for details. Carriers like Rogers, Fido, and Telus in Canada and Vodafone in Australia like to keep their customers informed about upcoming software updates.

If your carrier has a similar schedule available you might want to bookmark it and keep an eye out for details regarding incoming software updates.

7 Reasons to Wait for the Galaxy S21 & 6 Reasons Not To

Wait for Even Better Performance

Wait for Even Better PerformanceWait for Even Better Performance

You can expect the Galaxy S21 series to build on the foundation left by the Galaxy S20 series and the Galaxy Note 20 series. 

A sketchy report out of China claims Samsung will utilize the Snapdragon 865 inside the Galaxy S21 to keep the price down. 

Most people expect the Galaxy S21 series to make the jump to Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 888 processor. If true, it should lead to notable improvements in overall speed, multitasking, and battery life. 

A recent Galaxy S21 benchmark includes references to the Snapdragon 888 chip, 8GB of RAM, and Android 11. 

Another processor rumor hints at a new Exynos processor (reportedly codenamed “Olympus”) for the upcoming Galaxy S21 Ultra and new processors for the cheapest Galaxy S21 model.

Leaker Ice Universe says the new Exynos processor will still “lose” to Qualcomm’s new processor though he says power consumption should be improved. 

The Galaxy S20’s 120Hz screens are extremely smooth, but they can drain battery life and the hope is that Samsung’s improvements to next year’s models will help tone that down. The Galaxy S20 represents Samsung’s first stab at the technology. 

The Galaxy S20’s 5G connectivity can also have a heavy impact on battery life and bringing a new modem aboard the Galaxy S21 could help counteract that.

As for the size of the Galaxy S21’s battery, Samsung-centric blog Galaxy Club has spotted information about its size. 

The information points to a 4,660mAh capacity battery. The Galaxy S20’s battery is rated at 4,370mAh so this would represent a small bump. 

The same site has also leaked the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s battery capacity. According to Galaxy Club, the Galaxy S21 Ultra battery is rated at 4,885 mAh which means it could be marketed as 5,000 mAh.

This has been confirmed by a certification at the Chinese telecom authority 3C which lists the Galaxy S21 Ultra battery capacity as 4855mAh.

So if you want a high-end Galaxy phone, but think you might want a little more polish, consider hanging around for next year’s flagships. 

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