‘Slay the Spire’ from MegaCrit and Humble Games Is Finally


Last week, MegaCrit and Humble Games announced that Slay the Spire ($9.99) will finally hit Android devices this week. We’ve been covering Slay the Spire for mobile across its initial announcement to its eventual release on iOS last year. Sadly, Slay the Spire on iOS isn’t the fantastic port the game deserves and the conversion still needs some work. Read my review of the release across iOS and iPadOS here. Slay the Spire was also our Game of the Week when it launched and we included it in our Best Mobile Games of 2020 feature. Slay the Spire has finally arrived on Google Play as a premium release as of a few hours ago. Watch the Slay the Spire Android trailer below:

If you skipped the iOS version on mobile while waiting for Slay the Spire to hit Android, it is finally out now on Google Play worldwide here for $9.99 as a premium release. Now that the game is out on Android following its iOS release, I hope Humble Games is working on improving the iOS version with cloud save support, maybe even Steam cross save support, and interface tweaks. SteamWorld Quest definitely transitioned to touch better than Slay the Spire when it comes to the card interactions. If you’d like to play Slay the Spire on iOS, check it out on the App Store for $9.99. If you’d like to play Slay the Spire on Switch instead, check out Shaun’s Switch review and head over to our forum thread for more Slay the Spire discussion. Have you been playing it on iOS or were you waiting for the Android version that finally released today?

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