Some T-Mobile customers might get better phone deals soon


According to some leaked documents from The Mobile Report, it looks like some T-Mobile customers might get access to better phone deals, soon. How soon? Starting around June 21.

Here’s what’s going on, according to some leaked documents from T-Mobile, the carrier is going to be changing how it figures out some subscribers’ credit limits. Previously, it used “credit classes” for subscribers, now it will compute credit limits on an individual basis which will allow them to be considered “well-qualified”, and able to get the best deals on phones and other products.

This is going to allow the subscribers credit line to be raised, lowered, or stay the same depending on their history of paying T-Mobile bills. After six months of having your T-Mobile account, it will be evaluated based on your payment history. If T-Mobile finds that you pay your bill on time each month, then they might raise your credit limit. But if you end up paying late a couple of times, your credit limit might be decreased.

The leaked documents show that T-Mobile will reassess this every six months for the life of your account. Much like a credit card company would. And it’s also important to stress that T-Mobile is not pulling your credit every six months, it is only factoring in whether you pay your T-Mobile bill each month. Not external accounts.


How does this give subscribers access to better phone deals?

Because T-Mobile will now assess your credit limit every six months, automatically now, it means that you could get access to better phone deals. Currently, only those that are well-qualified get access to the $0 down payment offers on new phones. And if you were not well-qualified when you signed up, you never really moved into that group. So this change is a good one for T-Mobile customers.

This will be used only for T-Mobile postpaid accounts, and not on Metro by T-Mobile or T-Mobile Prepaid. Which makes sense, because only postpaid allows for financing phones and other products.

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