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Sony kind of rocked the smartphone photography world with its Xperia Pro-I. This phone came with a 1-inch sensor, and that trumped the sensor size of other phones that came out then. Heck, it’s larger than the sensors coming out on phones nowadays. Now, the company is looking to make a phone with a more impressive sensor (10% more impressive, that is). Sony could be working on a phone with a 1.1-inch sensor size.

Sony’s smartphones are definitely not for your average Joes. These are premium camera phones, and the prices certainly show. Last year, it released the $1,800 Sony Xperia Pro-I camera phone. To put that price into perspective, that’s more than most of the foldable phones on the market. However, the company has a group of enthusiasts who will happily pay the money.

Sony could launch a phone with a 1.1-inch camera sensor

When it comes to a smartphone camera, there are a lot of different factors that contribute to the actual image captured. Sensor size is one of them. Having a larger sensor allows the phone to absorb more light. There are other effects that the sensor size has on the picture, so it’s not really cut and dry.

Regardless, we have a new (if scant) bit of information detailing the company’s plans. A user on Chinese social media site Weibo posted a brief status which translates to “50mp 1/1.1±Sony super super sole test”. While the translation might not be “super super” coherent, we can glean some interesting information.

There could be a 50MP sensor coming with a new phone camera. However, the size of that sensor could be a massive 1.1 inches. As always, with the nature of this leak, you’ll want to take this news with a grain of salt; or maybe a full bag of salt.

We might not hear about this for a while

The year’s still young, as we’re moving into month number four (or Q2,). This means that it’ll be quite some time before we see anything about this phone if it ever does come out. The Xperia Pro-I launched back in December of 2021, so the company’s latest flagship is still fresh out of the oven.

If Sony is planning on launching a phone with a 1.1-inch sensor, we’ll hear some rumors and reports as the year goes on. If Sony follows the pattern it did last year, we should start hearing about it during the late summer/fall of this year. We expect it to be a beast at photography and very expensive!

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